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August 15

Day by day, people are getting more concerned about the effects of climate change, and the need for sustainable transportation is more significant now than ever before. Hybrid / Automatic cars, including the benefits of both electric and gas-powered vehicles, are one approach to reaching this goal. Different types of Hybrid cars are available in the market but hybrid cars with a gearbox are more popular nowadays.

Gear Hybrid Cars

Gear hybrid cars are a type of hybrid vehicle that combines both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor to provide power to the wheels. Unlike traditional hybrid vehicles with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) or automatic transmission, gear hybrids use a mechanical gearbox to transmit power from both the engine and the electric motor to the wheels. Examples of gear hybrid cars include the Honda CR-Z and the Honda Insight.

Role of B Gear in Hybrid Cars

In cars, ‘D’ mode is the standard drive whereas putting your gear in ‘B’ mode will slow down its speed. This will require less energy when applying brakes hence avoiding overheating of brakes and saving the battery for later use.

You should use B gear while coming down from steep. Relying solely on the brake pedal while descending downhill can lead to brake overheating and potential brake fade. Continuous braking generates excessive heat, reducing braking performance and risking brake failure. Using the B gear or engine braking in hybrid cars helps mitigate this issue by utilizing regenerative braking to recover energy and reduce brake usage. In case of any such emergency situation seek mobile van service or roadside assistance.

Can You Change the Mode of Gear from ‘D’ to ‘B’?

The answer to this question is “Yes”! you can smoothly shift from D gear to B. In most hybrid cars with a gear selector, you can switch between the B (regenerative braking) mode and the D (drive) mode using the gear selector. However, it's essential to understand the purpose of each mode and when to use them.

In D mode, the car operates like a regular automatic transmission, where it shifts gears smoothly for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

In B mode, the car emphasizes regenerative braking, providing more engine braking effects when you release the accelerator pedal. This helps to slow down the vehicle while capturing kinetic energy and recharging the battery.           

Switching between B and D modes can be done while driving at low speeds or when coming to a complete stop.

How to shift to B Gear

Release the accelerator pedal to slow down to a comfortable speed for coming downhill then shift to gear ‘B’ without applying any brakes. A loud revving sound of the engine will make you aware that the gear is switched.

Benefits of Gear Hybrid Cars

Gear hybrid cars offer several advantages that contribute to improved performance, efficiency, driving experience, and environmental friendliness.

Firstly, the mechanical gearbox allows for precise control over power distribution, optimizing the use of both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor. This results in improved acceleration and responsiveness, providing a better driving experience.

Secondly, gear hybrids can achieve higher fuel efficiency by efficiently managing power delivery. The ability to use regenerative braking in the B gear mode helps recover energy that would otherwise be lost during traditional braking, leading to increased overall efficiency and extended electric driving range.

Thirdly, the combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor result in reduced emissions. The electric motor can operate during low-speed driving or in urban areas, reducing the reliance on the gasoline engine and lowering the overall carbon footprint of the vehicle.

Overall, gear hybrid cars offer a balanced and eco-friendly approach to transportation, combining the benefits of electric and internal combustion power sources to deliver improved performance, efficiency, and a greener driving experience.

Drawbacks of Gear Hybrid Cars

While gear hybrid cars have several advantages, they also come with a couple of drawbacks.

Firstly, the mechanical gearbox in gear hybrids can lead to increased complexity and maintenance costs compared to traditional continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) or automatic transmissions. The gearbox's intricate design may require specialized knowledge and skill during repairs or servicing, potentially leading to higher maintenance expenses. For this special vehicle maintenance, many mobile van services are offered.

Secondly, the transition between power sources in gear hybrids can sometimes be less seamless than in CVT or automatic hybrids. Shifting between the electric motor and the internal combustion engine may result in slightly noticeable jerks or hesitations during acceleration, affecting the overall driving experience.

Despite these drawbacks, manufacturers are continuously improving hybrid technology, addressing these concerns to enhance the performance and efficiency of gear hybrid cars, making them an attractive option for environmentally-conscious drivers seeking a balance between electric and gasoline-powered transportation.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, gear hybrid cars offer a promising solution for enhanced performance, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. While they have some drawbacks, advancements in technology are steadily addressing these concerns. With ongoing improvements, gear hybrid cars are poised to play a significant role in the transition to a greener and more sustainable automotive future.

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