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August 19

Japanese tyre brands excel due to their dedication to innovation, quality, and safety. They invest in cutting-edge technology, rigorous testing, and superior materials, resulting in high-performance, durable, and safe tyres. Their global reputation for reliability and advanced engineering cements their position as leaders in the industry.

This blog is related to the top tyre manufacturing brands in Japan.


Yokohama tyre corporation is a prominent Japanese tyre brand founded in 1917. It has many aspects due to which it stands high in the industry. It is renowned for its commitment to performance, safety, and eco-friendliness. With a global presence, Yokohama focuses on advanced tyre technology and sustainable practices.

Yokohama tyres are characterized by cutting-edge features which contribute to improved traction, enhanced handling, and reduced road noise, delivering a comfortable and safe driving experience. Its main features are as follows:

·        Tread Designs

·        Innovative Rubber Compounds

·        Noise Reducing Technology

Innovative Sustainability

Yokohama is committed to sustainable practices, evident in their BluEarth series that emphasizes fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. This dedication aligns with their broader mission to contribute to a greener future.

Popular Products

1.      Yokohama ADVAN Sport: A high-performance tyre designed for sports cars and luxury vehicles, offering exceptional grip, precise handling, and enhanced braking performance.

2.      Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015: A versatile all-terrain tyre suitable for SUVs and trucks, providing off-road capability along with on-road comfort and durability.

3.      Yokohama BluEarth RV-02: An eco-friendly tyre designed for compact cars and hybrids, featuring low rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

4.      Yokohama iceGUARD iG52c: A winter tyre engineered for icy and snowy conditions, offering excellent traction and stability to ensure safe driving in challenging winter weather.


Bridgestone, a renowned Japanese tyre brand founded in 1931, stands as a global leader in the tyre industry. The brand's commitment to innovation, quality, and performance has led to its widespread recognition. Bridgestone tyres have several common features:

·        Advanced Technology

·        Safety Focus

·        Durability

·        Fuel Efficiency

Popular Products

1.      Bridgestone Potenza Series: High-performance tyres designed for sports cars and enthusiasts, offering precise handling and exceptional grip.

2.      Bridgestone Dueler Series: Versatile SUV and truck tyres delivering a balance of on-road comfort and off-road capability.

3.      Bridgestone Ecopia Series: Environmentally-friendly tyres with a focus on fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

4.      Bridgestone Blizzak Series: Winter tyres engineered for superior traction on snow and ice, enhancing safety during harsh weather conditions

Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires is one of the popular Japanese brands. With a legacy dating back to 1945, Toyo Tyres has consistently pushed boundaries to deliver top-tier products. Toyo Tyres is known for its precision engineering and exceptional performance across various terrains. The brand focuses on the following mentioned features:

·        Safety

·        Durability

·        Efficiency

Popular Products

1.      Toyo Proxes T1R: A high-performance tyre known for its exceptional grip, responsive handling, and enhanced traction, making it suitable for sporty driving.

2.      Toyo Open Country A/T II: A versatile all-terrain tyre that offers remarkable off-road capabilities while maintaining comfort and handling on the road.

3.      Toyo Extensa HP II: A touring tyre designed for sedans and coupes, offering a comfortable ride, excellent wet traction, and extended tread life.

4.      Toyo Celsius: An all-weather tyre with the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, providing year-round versatility and optimal performance in varying conditions.

Sumitomo Tire

Sumitomo Tire is a division of Sumitomo Rubber Industries that has gained recognition for its commitment to engineering excellence, innovation, and a wide range of tyre solutions. With a legacy dating back over a century, Sumitomo focuses on delivering reliable and high-performance tyres across various categories.

Sumitomo Tire prides itself on advanced tyre technologies, extensive research, and stringent quality control. Their tyres have several features such as:

·        Advanced Tread Patterns

·        High-Quality Materials

·        Enhanced Wet and Dry Grip

·        Quiet Comfortable Rides

Popular Products

1.      Sumitomo HTR A/S P02: A high-performance all-season tyre known for its excellent grip, responsive handling, and comfortable ride.

2.      Sumitomo Encounter HT: A rugged all-terrain tyre designed for trucks and SUVs, offering off-road capability without compromising on-road comfort.

3.      Sumitomo Ice Edge: A winter tyre with advanced technology for superior traction on snowy and icy roads, ensuring safety during colder months.

Inoue Rubber Company (IRC)

Inoue Rubber Co., Ltd. is a respected Japanese tyre manufacturer founded in 1926. With a rich history in tyre production, IRC has gained recognition for its high-quality motorcycle tyres and tubes. The brand's commitment to research, innovation, and performance has solidified its reputation among enthusiasts and professionals. It focuses on the following features:

·        Long Tread Life

·        Global Reputation

·        Innovation

·        Comfort

·        Responsive Handling

Popular Products

1.      IRC Road Winner RX-01: A versatile and reliable sport-touring tyre known for its all-weather performance, long tread life, and confident handling.

2.      IRC GS-11: A classic cruiser tyre designed for comfort and stability, offering excellent mileage and traction on highways.

3.      IRC MB-520: An off-road and dual-sport tyre built to tackle challenging terrains while maintaining control and durability.

Shinko Tire

Shinko, a renowned Japanese tyre brand, has carved its niche with a commitment to innovation and quality. Their tyres boast a range of mentioned features that cater to diverse automotive needs:

·        Grip and Stability

·        Reasonable Price

·        Hydroplaning Resistance

·        Supports Strong Braking

Popular Product

1.      Shinko 705 Series: A dual-sport tyre line known for its versatility, suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures. It offers excellent grip and durability for various terrains.

2.      Shinko Raven: A sport-touring tyre renowned for its high-speed stability and cornering capabilities. It provides riders with a confident and smooth ride.

3.      Shinko 244 Series: A classic off-road and adventure touring tyre, recognized for its rugged performance and longevity. It excels on unpaved paths while maintaining on-road competence.

Falken Tire

Falken Tires, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, is a renowned Japanese tyre brand known for its commitment to innovative performance and exceptional quality. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, Falken consistently delivers tyres that meet the demands of diverse driving conditions.

Falken Tires stands out for its innovative features that prioritize performance, durability, and safety:

·        4D Nano Design

·        Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP)

·        Silica Enriched Compounds

·        UTQG Ratings

Popular Products

1.      Falken Azenis FK510: A high-performance summer tyre with exceptional wet and dry grip, featuring advanced tread compounds and design for sporty driving enthusiasts.

2.      Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail: A versatile all-terrain tyre designed for light trucks and SUVs, offering reliable off-road capability along with on-road comfort and handling.

3.      Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S: An all-season tyre known for its superb traction in various weather conditions, low road noise, and long-lasting tread life.



Japanese tyre brands like Bridgestone, Yokohama, and Falken have earned global recognition through their dedication to innovation, quality, and safety. You can buy all these Japanese tyres in Dubai from our company. Etarat.Online is the right place to buy Japanese tyres online in UAE. With cutting-edge technologies, superior materials, and diverse Japanese tyre brands, we cater to varied driving needs. 

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